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Nicholls Alumni Federation is always seeking new members! Your membership is important to us and includes the following benefits: The Colonel (the bi-annual official university magazine), discount tickets for the Annual Alumni Crawfish Boil, participation in the Alumni Federation’s annual board election, access to tailgates and the Homecoming Social, discount rates on university rentals and Ellender Memorial Library privileges.

Your membership helps fund: student scholarships, Homecoming activities, Awards for Excellence and other student and alumni activities!

Federation & Chapter Membership Information:

  • Single Active Membership – $35.00
  • Single Active + College of Business Alumni Chapter – $50
  • Single Active + College of Education Chapter – $45.00
  • Joint Active Membership – $55.00
  • Joint Active + College of Business Alumni Chapter – $85
  • Joint Active + College of Education Chapter – $75.00
  • Friend of Alumni Membership – $50.00
  • Friend of Alumni + College of Education Chapter – $60.00
  • Lifetime Single Membership – $500.00
  • Lifetime Joint Membership – $750.00


When you join the Nicholls Alumni Federation, you are then able to pay to join the Nicholls Recreation Center. You must pay $300.00 for six months up front to be able to join. Alums who are not members of the Alumni Federation are not eligible to join the Rec. Center.

Chapter amounts are the cost of a single or joint annual membership plus single or joint dues for the individual chapter.  You must be a member of the Alumni Federation to join and Alumni Federation Chapter. Each dues level, with or without a chapter, can be found on the drop-down menu below.

Pay online with PayPal/credit card:

Dues Options

or mail your payment to Nicholls State University, Alumni Affairs, P.O. Box 2158, Thibodaux, LA 70310.